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Wireless Home Automation Kit #1

Wireless Home Automation Kit #1

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This wireless home automation kit uses NRF24L01+ radio modules and the TMRh20 radio communication stack to provide everything you need to get started with an open-source home automation system, while supporting the development of open source software. 

The kit includes:

1 x Controller: Raspberry Pi 4B 2GB Kit with power supply, case, HDMI cable, SD card, heat sinks & USB card reader

3 x Wireless Nodes: Arduino Uno w/USB Cable

2 x DHT22 Temperature & Humidity Sensors

1 x RGB LED ring light

1 x PIR (Motion) sensor

2 x nRF24 radios - PA/LNA version

2 x nRF24 radios - regular version

1x Shield for connecting nRF24 radio to RPi

3x Shield for connecting nRF24 radio, LED and sensors to Arduino

The kit comes preconfigured with all the workings of a Home Automation system, configured to chart incoming temperature and humidity readings, and enabling the user to control the brightness and color of an LED light via a web browser or free MQTT Apps on any mobile device or PC. The RPi runs the official RPi OS so it can be used as a desktop computer, media center, etc. as well.

Custom shields have been designed with extra capacitors for the radios and ports for the accessories. No lengthy connecting wires or trying to figure out how to connect everything!

To start off with the kit, users only need to connect everything together. Since everything is preconfigured, you can start up the mesh network within minutes, and start adding wireless nodes to your system. The system can be easily modified and added to by configuring Node-Red and Arduino devices. (Tutorials are available)

To extend the system, users can either create custom devices using the Arduino platform, or purchase additional preconfigured nodes/devices as they become available.

To get started, see the Wiki

Support and code can be found at 

The communication stack and related documentation can be found at

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